Master Items

Name Item ID Description Header
Date of First Daily Data
Date of issue’s first daily data on file. FirstDay
Date of First Monthly Data tmfstdat Date of issue’s first monthly data on file. FirstMth
Date of Last Daily Data tdlstdat Date of issue’s last daily data on file. LastDay
Date of Last Monthly Data tmlstdat Date of issue’s last monthly data on file. LastMth
Name of Government Security tname Name of Government Security Type. This variable is blank for all TREASNOXs. Name
Treasury Record Identifier treasnox TREASNOX is CRSP’s unique identifier for indexes, supplemental files, and structured series. A full list of TREASNOX and their related series is available on page 34. TREASNOX
Treasury Record Identifier – Individual Issue treasno TREASNO is CRSP’s unique treasury issue identifier. TREASNO is the primary key used in the CRSPAccess database version of the Treasury product, replacing CRSPID that was used in the legacy files. TREASNO
Treasury Record Type treasnotype TREASNOTYPE is the code used to identify a record as a TREASNO (1) or TREASNOX (2). TTyp
Treasury Symbol treassym Reserved for future use TrsSym