TREASNOX Properties

Name Item ID Description Header
Eliglbility Description teligdesc Available for new Risk-Free series with TREASNOX range 2000061-2000063. ElgDsc
Maturity and Rebalancing Label ttermlbl Name of a TREASNOX series MatRblLbl
Maximum Days to Maturity to be Eliglble ttermmax Reserved for future use MaxMat
Minimum Days to Maturity to be Eliglble ttermmin Reserved for future use MinMat
Selection Description tseldesc Reserved for future use SelDsc
Term Type ttermtype ttermtype for the Daily and Monthly Fixed Term Index Family (TREASNOX 2000003-2000009) contains what was formerly the primary key, TERMTYPE. Through TrmTyp ttermtype is maintained and expanded to cover the new series, it is a legacy code, and users are strongly encouraged to switch to TREASNOX as the primary key for supplemental series.  
Treasury Index Family tidxfam tidxfam provides information about to which series family a TREASNOX belongs.  
  treasnox range
TIDXFAM min max
BONDMATPORT >2000028 >2000044
CD >2000052 >2000060
DISCBOND >2000047 >2000051
FIXEDTERM >2000003 >2000009
RISKFREE (mth only) >2000001 >2000002
RISKFREE2 (mth/dly) >2000061 >2000063
TERMSTRUCT >2000010 >2000027